The Top 50 Best Songs of 2017

Yes, yes, schedule slip again, although given the sheer scope of this list, I hope I’ll be forgiven my usual procrastination. Now, this is exactly what it says on the tin – a list of the songs that are, in my opinion, the very best that 2017 had to offer, not simply the popular ones. Of course, I listen to quite a bit of music, and while these 50 tended to command a disproportionate amount of my time and attention, they’re still only a subset of the much larger amount of music I had to sort through in order to narrow things down. This was not an easy endeavor, and I fully anticipate this being the longest piece I’ve written in this space yet. Buckle in, because we’re in for a ride.

Now, the rules for eligibility are very simple this time. To be in the running for this list, a song needs to have been included on a full-length album that was released in 2017. That’s it. I don’t care if it was released as a single before this past year, or even if it was included on an album from before 2017 – so long as it was also on a 2017 album, it counts. And lastly, I’m limiting myself to three songs per album maximum, otherwise the contenders for my favorite albums of 2017 would command an even more disproportionate share of this list. Besides, it promotes diversity in this list, which is important in and of itself.

Lastly, I forgot to add this disclaimer when I did the previous top tens, but I should say that this list, along with all of my other reviews, consists purely of my personal opinions, and in no way do I misconstrue these assertions as objective fact. Other peoples’ opinions and tastes will no doubt differ, and that’s perfectly acceptable. That’s life.

With all of that said, let’s begin.

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